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Zero-Emission Marine Solutions

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We are committed to the future

Here at Redrock we are dedicated to developing and commercializing fuel cell solutions for the marine industry. As the world races to decarbonize, Redrock is committed to using our fuel cell expertise to ensure the future is green. Delivering top of the line products is our goal, alongside our world leading partners and suppliers. 


Feasibility study of zero-emission ferry from St. Catharines to Toronto

Introducing HyCmax

Modular Design
Racked Based Format
High Fuel Efficiency


330kW hybrid ready LT-PEM fuel cell + LTO battery system

Its unique modular design architecture and high fuel efficiency minimizes total cost of ownership

Designed to the requirements of extreme duty  applications such as marine, rail and EV charging


Engineering Services


Primary power services & distribution

Electrical drawings and schematics

Instrumentation, alarm & monitoring systems

Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions

Local and remote process control systems

PLC programming

Troubleshooting and repair of electrical systems


Feasibility studies

  • Requirements specification
  • Predictive service plans
  • System integration
  • Fuel cell system design

Piping & instrumentation diagrams

Electrical & Automation

CAD modeling

Structural analysis & CFD simulations (FEA)

Sheet metal, welding, machining, additive manufacturing (DfM)

Fabrication, assembly, interface control drawings

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Zero Emission

A little bit about our founder

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Redrock founder, Paul Paterson, is a seasoned Professional Engineer who has built a career around fuel cell systems integration, team building, and customer satisfaction. Passionate about clean energy, Paul is eager to bring his fuel cell expertise to the marine sector. Paul lives on Prince Edward Island, Canada and founded Redrock Power Systems in 2017.


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